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Ada (Ада)

Brief Details:

Name: Memorial to Resistance (Spomenik Otpora/Споменик отпора)

Location: In Szerb Park, Ada, Vojvodina, Serbia

Year completed: 1961

Designer: Aleksandar Zarin

Coordinates: N45°47'47.2", E20°08'05.0" (click for map)

Dimensions: ~5m tall monument

Materials used: Bronze

Condition: Fair



This memorial sculpture at the Ada WWII spomenik complex in Serbia commemorates the local fighters who fought and fell in defense of the city and the region during the National Liberation War (WWII).

World War II

(Under Construction)

Spomenik Construction

(Under Construction)


(Under Construction)

Plaques, Engravings and Graffiti:

Looking at the spomenik from Marshal Tito Street, just to the right of the sculpture, there is a small white marble slab (Slides 1 & 2) engraved with the names of the fallen fighters and civilians who died in resistance operations during the National Liberation War. At the top of the plaque, a inscription is engraved twice, with Serbian on the left and Hungarian on the right. The inscribed message reads in English as:

"Fighters of the People's Liberation War

who fell for freedom."

(1941 - 1945)

Underneath these two inscriptions are listed the names of local fighters who perished during the war, with the Serbian names written in Cyrillic while the Hungarian names are written in Latin text. Meanwhile, in Slide 3 you can see the signature of the artist, Aleksandar Zarin, engraved on the sculpture and the year of its creation, 1961.



(under construction)

Status and Condition:

(under construction)

Historical Images:



This spomenik at Ada is located directly in the center of the town within Szerb Park along Marshal Tito Street (see HERE for Google StreetView). For further clarification, the spomenik is also directly east of the city's large Catholic Church. Parking can be made directly in front of the mounment, as there is a small rough gravel/asphalt space there to put your vehicle. The exact coordinates for this parking area are N45°47'46.9", E20°08'04.9".

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