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Major landslide rehab efforts begin at Tjentište

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

In wake of the Feburary 2018 landslide at the Valley of the Heroes Monument in Sutjeska National Park in Tjentište, Bosnia, major rehabilitation efforts have begun this week in order to ameliorate the damage done to the site.

Heavy machinery working at the Valley of the Heroes site at Tjentište, Bosnia.

During the early morning hours on September 3rd, 2018, heavy rains brought down a huge chunk of hillside just below the central monument, which was created in 1971 by Miodrag Živković. After several weeks of delay due to rain, efforts began this week to improve drainage around the hillside on which the monument resides, as well as work to stabilize the hillside and repair damage done by the landslide. In addition to work on the hillside, the plateau on which the monument sits on is also being redeveloped during this construction project. The Director of Sutjeska National Park Dejan Pavlović has stated that the project is slated to cost roughly 2 million marks, with the Government of the Republic of Srpska providing one million, and the remaining funds being provided by the Montenegrin and Serbian governments. In addition to this project, work has also begun this week on renovations to the Sutjeska Spomen-Dom to repair and restore its 1974 frescoes created by Krsto Hegedušić. It is not clear exactly how long this project is expected to take. For more information, see this link:

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