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Moissanite is a diamond simulant. It is a very hard mineral and comes in several different colors. The color of Moissanite depends on how much exposure to heat it has been under. Moissanite Diamond Jewelry can be heated and cooled many times without changing its color. The light pink moissanite color is the most common. Moissanite is more expensive than natural diamonds but can be valued at up to 100 times more than diamonds of equal size. The Pink Moissanite has received an award as the best carat cut ever, with exceptional clarity and a wide dispersion of light. From the 1/3/2 stones, Pink Moissanite is 2 times more valuable than other stones because you can see 3 faces and 2 dimensions with this stone.

Moissanite engagement rings is an artificial diamond with the same chemical formula as natural diamonds and similar optical properties. The properties of the Moissanite are completely identical to a natural diamond; however, there are many differences between the two substances that the human eye can not detect. The only difference between Moissanite and natural diamond is their source and manufacturing process, leading to different product specifications. For example, Moissanite has more margin than a natural diamond and can be produced in various colors like pink, yellow, white & rose color. In addition, the price of moissanite wedding bands is less than natural diamond because it is not as costly as natural diamonds.

Each piece is uniquely designed and beautifully handcrafted. The diamond is very rare/uncommon, but this gem will not be found in a regular jeweler. This is the first time you will see this type of diamond. The item will come in a small jewelry box which includes a certificate of authenticity, free shipping, and gift wrap.

Moissanite Earrings diamonds are the next generation of diamonds. These are the most brilliant and rare stones on the market today. The price of Moissanite is becoming more affordable, making it a great choice for those who want to add a little sparkle to their jewelry pieces. The quality of Moissanite is unparalleled, and its brilliance attracts attention as a high fashion accessory. Moissanite is also durable and lasts longer than other diamond alternatives, making them perfect for gift giving or adding to an existing collection. Create an elegant, timeless, and distinctive look with moissanite jewelry.

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