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Its system of hydraulic locking and opening systems will consist of two hydraulic cylinders that double-act along with a power unit for hydraulics. The system will be constructed to ensure that it maintains the right clamping force during the entire cycle.

Its power pack for hydraulic powerpack will comprise of an electric motor driven by hydraulic pumps, control valves the valve for hydraulic pressure relief. The pressure of the press closing is automatically controlled through pressure switches

There are two kinds of hydraulic filter presses that are available for sale

Hydraulic closing type mechanical locknut device

The motorized double-acting AUTO hydraulic closure device

For mechanical locknut systems, you must tighten the lock nut and unlock the locknut by hand at the moment of closing and opening on the cylinder. While in the hydraulic motor,, it is controlled automatically through the switch forward or reverses.

Hydraulic filter press is more reliable than manual presses since the hydraulic system keeps the pressure of filtration

In the motorized hydraulic filters, the Ram in the cylinder is linked with the moving plate. Therefore, it is not required any additional power to shift the moving plate to close the filter press.

Membrane Filter Press

Automatic Filter Press


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