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An exploration of Yugoslavia's historic and enigmatic endeavor into abstract anti-fascist WWII monument building between 1960 & 1990.

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The Spomenik Database is a completely independent self-funded project. It is not supported by any advertisers, universities, endowments, governments or other type of monetary entity. To help ensure that this remains a fully open advertisement-free educational resource available to the whole world, please consider giving a financial gift to help maintain and further develop this website! Click HERE to see how to contribute!

The Mission of the Spomenik Database

The Spomenik Database was set up in 2016 by writer, history hobbyist and travel enthusiast Donald Niebyl to act as a comprehensive online resource for the most significant and notable of the abstract & modernist World War II monuments built in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from roughly 1960 to 1990 (structures commonly referred to as 'Spomeniks'), which are now, after the breakup of that country in the 1990s, scattered across the present-day regions of Croatia, Slovenia, N. Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia i Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is hoped that people around the world will use this database as a tool to not only learn about and gain a greater understanding of these often misunderstood historical artifacts, but in addition, the website is organized in such a way that it provides the information needed for would-be adventurers, academic researchers and other Yugo-curious travelers to set out on their own sculptural journeys to see, experience and learn about the spomeniks for themselves. This website is constantly growing and being updated, so always check back for more info and feel free to contact the Spomenik Database if you have any questions!

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