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More Resources

This page provides additional resources for exploring, understanding and navigating the abstract and modernist WWII (NOB) monuments of the former Yugoslavia via the Spomenik Database. From here you can explore details of my research, books, news, events, press info and other such avenues of interest. I plan on rolling out many more resources in the future to interface with this website and the monuments, so stay tuned!

Learn more about the work that went into the creation of the Spomenik Database.

Explore the Spomenik Database Digital Library of online books.

Watch various types of video content related to the spomeniks of Yugoslavia.

Read about current events related to the Yugoslav WWII (NOB) monuments.

A list of the people that need to be thanked for their help with this project!

Give a monetary gift to the Spomenik Database to keep it growing!

A listing of published articles on this project, as well as press info.

A list of the many friends & partners of the Spomenik Database.

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