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The Spomenik Database is a project which is not only solely created by, but also completely and fully self-funded by me, Donald Niebyl. There are NO grants, endowments, partnerships, advertisers or any other sorts of third-party groups which have financially driven the creation and/or development of this expansive and costly website... it has all been done at the expense of my own personal funds and resources. It has truly been a project of passion and dedication. As such, if you have found the Spomenik Database fun or interesting or even helpful to your own personal adventures or research, I would please ask and encourage that you donate an amount that you feel appropriate so that I can continue to keep this project alive and growing. A contribution of any amount (large or small) would work wonders at allowing me to keep developing the Spomenik Database. Donations can be directed via the PayPal link below:

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Your contributions will ensure the Spomenik Database remains an openly accessible, advertisement-free educational resource available to anyone around the world. While the website has already grown quite large, I have significant plans for it to evolve into something much greater. I currently have plans to roll out the following features on the website within the next year if all of plans fully materialize:

  • The addition of +100 new spomenik profiles

  • Original articles, features and publications by myself and other experts in the field

  • The creation of video and podcast content

  • An online store selling content (books, posters, etc) related to the 'spomeniks'

  • Creative collaborations with other organizations focused on the 'spomeniks'

  • And much, much more!

With your help, all of these ambitions can become a reality!

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