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Historic Maps

1970 Touristic Map

Interactive Map - use +/- or mouse wheel to zoom

Interactive Map - Use fingers to zoom

The above navigable image is a 1970 touristic map depicting Yugoslavia. Employing small animated icons, the map shows some of the most significant adventure, heritage and cultural offerings across the country. At this point in Yugoslavia's history, 1970, the touristic offerings of the country are very well developed and is seen as somewhat leading into the zenith of the nation's tourism boom. On this map, we see not only cultural sites like castles and churches (as well as some of the most famous buildings in the country, but also skiing, water sports, spa resorts, etc). Furthermore, the legend and details of this map are offered purely in the English language, indicating the demographic being targeted with this map. In addition to attractions, the right side of this map is dominated by advertising and marketing (promoting things like rent-a-cars, hotels, and other services), a unique attribute of a then-communist country. However, other versions of this map were printed without advertisements and instead featured geo-location information. This map was produced by JAT Airways, Yugoslavia's primary airline and published by the Tourist Alliance of Yugoslavia. It was printed by the Institue of Cartography "Geokarta" in Belgrade.

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