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1975 Yugoslav WWII Monuments Tourist Map

Interactive Map - use +/- or mouse wheel to zoom

The above navigable image shows the 1975 map published in Yugoslavia that depicts the memorials (spomeniks) which were dedicated to the People's Liberation Struggle against fascist aggression and occupation during WWII. This map scan was graciously provided to me courtesy of Jan Kempanaers. The most notable monuments are represented on the map with small hand-drawn icons, while smaller sites are depicted with more general icons. Although this map does not provide the location of ALL spomeniks across Yugoslavia, as many were built after 1975 and not every single site is included, it does give a good idea of the vast amount of spomeniks spread across Yugoslav landscape, as well as giving us an idea of their varied shapes and sizes. This particular map is unquestionably the most comprehensive and most famous of all the touristic spomenik maps published during the Yugoslav-era. In fact, it is of such cultural importance that an original copy of the map was featured as part of the 2018 exhibition on Yugoslav architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The legend for this map, situated in the upper right-hand corner of the image, is translated here:

Interactive Map - Use fingers to zoom

Situated above the legend on the map there is a description of the map's publishing details, including information about the map's creators and designers. This part of the map is translated as:

A Selection of Memorials

to World War II

Scale - 1:1300000

Map Prepared by:

Professor Branko Božić

Professor Milenko Patvokić

Professor Dušan Plećaš

Editor in chief:

Professor Branko Božić

Professional associates and reviewers:

Dr. Smail Tihić

Dr. Ivan Komelj

Professor Razumenka Popović

Professor Đordi Trajkovski

Dr. Stanko Popović

Dr. Nadežda Katanić

Professor Todor Gruev

Cartography and design by:

Cartographer Ivan Gradišer

Map created by:

Professor Zdravko Prelčec

Cartographer Stjepan Uhernik

Professor Đorđe Gajdašević

For Publishing:

Vladamir Čiček


NIP "Štampa"

OOUR "Voice of Slavonia"




Croatian Bureau of Design

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