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Historic Maps

1979 Yugoslav Airlines Touristic Map

Interactive Map - use +/- or mouse wheel to zoom

The above navigable image is a 1979 Polish-language JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) touristic map of the region of Yugoslavia, produced in honor of the 8th annual Olympic Mediterranean Games which were held in Split, Croatia in September of 1979. In addition, this map was included attached to Branko Ćirlić's book "Przewodnik po Jugosławii" ("A Guide to Yugoslavia") released in 1980 by the firm Sport i Turystyka (Sports and Tourism), a Polish publishing house. This map was graciously provided to me courtesy of Hamish Koba (@pan_xuj on Twitter). Within the animated details of the map are included a number of the most significant WWII (NOB) monument sites spread across the country. The legend for this map, located in the upper right hand corner of the image, is translated here from Polish into English:

Interactive Map - Use fingers to zoom

1979 map legend.jpg

Situated above the legend on the map there is a description of the map's details, including information about the map's creators and designers. This part of the map is translated as:

Yugoslavia is constantly striving to preserve and protect the human environment. We ask you that you contribute to the success and implementation of such efforts. The 8th Olympic Mediterranean Games event, Split, September 1979.

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