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This section of the Spomenik Database Digital Library contains a collection of books about the topic of architecture and design in the former Yugoslav region... not just in regards to the region's WWII monuments, but also the region's history of architecture, its urbanism, its buildings, its design aesthetics and its creative approaches to construction.

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Register of Modern Architecture & Urbanism in Serbia, 1945-1990 (Docomomo) [2018]

This publication is a catalog of architectural works across the country of Serbia built during the Yugoslav-era that are determined to be of significant importance. The book says that it includes "buildings and sites that are of key importance to the history of modern architeture in Serbia... because of their architectural, urbanism, technical and technological or canonical values..." Created by the modern architecture preservation organization Docomomo Serbia, this book contains hundreds of notable architectural sites, many of which are little-known outside the of the Serbia region. The book is presented in both the English and Serbian language. [🔽Download: 286 pages, 50Mb PDF file, courtesy of Union of Belgrade Architects]

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Architecture of Macedonia (Modern Art Museum, Skopje) [1974]

This publication is a catalog of architectural works across Macedonia, including work from the 15th century to the Yugoslav-era, which were determined to be of significant historical importance. Of the 63 selections put forward in this book, the majority of choices are from the 1930s until the 1970 (when the book was published). It contains a wide range of various architectural sites of a variety of styles and forms. The book also contains an extensive introduction which discusses the history of architecture in Macedonia. The book, which was published by the Skopje Modern Art Museum, is presented in both the English and Macedonian language. [🔽Download: 110 pages, 33Mb PDF file, courtesy of ОПА фондација]

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The 4th Biennial of Macedonian Architecture (Modern Art Museum, Skopje) [1987]

This publication is a catalog of the 4th Biennial exhibition of Macedonian architecture. The book, which was published by the Skopje Modern Art Museum, is presented in both the Macedonian language and contains a detailed listing of dozens of architecturally significant buildings, monuments, future concepts/plans, schematic drawings and other assets across the Yugoslav SR of Macedonia.  [🔽Download: 113 pages, 35 Mb PDF file, courtesy of ОПА фондација]


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Velimir Neidhardt - Urban Architecture (Feđa Vukić) [2001]

This publication is an exploration and analysis of the life's work of Croatian architect Velimir Neidhardt. Having created some of the most notable works of architecutre across the Yugoslavia (such as the Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik and the city center shopping center in Banja Luka), this book examines Neidhardt's creation process and his approach to design. This book contains not only a detailed account of Neidhardt's life, but also many images of his sketches, blueprints, models and historical images of his architectural creations. This book is written in both the Croatian and English languages.  [🔽Download: 145 pages, 3.6 Mb PDF file, courtesy of Neidhardt.hr]

Urbanističke mitologeme (Bogdan Bogdanović) [1966]

This book, whose titled roughly translates into English as "Urbanistic mythologemes", is a book by famed Serbian designer and philosopher Bogdan Bogdanović which explores the history of symbols and mythology as it pertains to the creations of towns and cities through ancient civilizations around the world. Through exploring this Serbo-Croatian language book by Bogdanović, who was the creator of over a dozen WWII (NOB) monuments across the former Yugoslavia, you are given a window into his creative and surrealistic approach of employing ancient symbolism and meaning in his monumental works. In his analysis, Bogdanović explores the symbolic language of pre-history, as well as those of ancient Asian, Egyptian, Assyrian cultures, as well as others. As you begin to understand great obsession Bogdanović had with these ancient symbols, you then begin to see them in monumental works you may not have before, thus allowing you to absorb his work with greater meaning and depth. [🔽Download: 208 pages, 5Mb PDF file, courtesy of Urbanistica Eretica]

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