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Ljubomir Denković

(LYOO-boh-meer DEN-koh-vich)

Birthplace: Ljanik, Serbia

Heritage: Serbian

Date born: April 15th, 1936

Current residence: Novi Sad, Serbia

Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana (graduated 1962)

(Љубомир Денковић)


Serbian sculptor Ljubomir Denković is one of Serbia's most honored and awarded artists of the 20th century. He has organized over 150 exhibitions across Europe and created permanent public installations across the Balkans. He began his artistic academic career studying at the School of Applied Arts in Skopje, Macedonia, graduating from there in 1957, while going on to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1962. While at Ljubljana, Denković studied under the famous sculptor brothers Boris and Zdenko Kalin. After finishing in Ljubljana, Denković moved to Novi Sad, Serbia where he taught for nearly 10 years at the School of Applied Arts. While at Ljubljana he studied under the  The approach which Denković took in creating sculpture was to explore the idea of forming abstract shapes using simple geometric themes from stone and concrete, while at the same time having his works mirror the organic world in their shape and textures.


During the 1960s and 1970s is Denković created the vast majority of the work he is known for today -- most notably, in the late 1970s he designed two major spomenik complexes in Veles, Macedonia and Grmeč, Bosnia, with the shape and form of both exploring themes of death and rebirth via the symbol of the blossoming flower. It must be mentioned that while these two monuments at Veles and Grmeč are the two major memorial works which Denković created during the Yugoslav era, he submitted design proposals to many more for which his sculptural concepts were not selected... a sample of which can be seen in the sections below.  In 1977, he was elected as a senior lecturer at the Novi Sad Academy of Fine Arts, while the following year in 1978, Denković created, along with architect Savo Subotin, a WWII monument complex in the Italian city of Prima Porta. He currently resides in Novi Sad with his wife Jelena (with whom he has four children), having retired from day-to-day work in 2004.

Works by this Designer:

This is a listing of a number of memorials, monuments, cultural centers and other notable Yugoslav-era civic works by Ljubomir Denković. Those sites listed in the upper part of this section have profile pages, while those listed in the lower part do not yet have completed profile pages. This list also includes non-Yugoslav projects that Denković created, as well as his unrealized works for which models only exist for. This list is not exhaustive and will be added to over time.

Yugoslav Works with profile pages:

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Veles, MK

Name: Tomb of the Heroes (Memorial Ossuary)

Year: completed 1979, w/ Savo Subotin

Grmeč, BiH

Name: Mon. to Revolution at Korčanica

Year: completed 1979, w/ M. Matović & S. Subotin

Sarajevo, BiH
Sarajevo (Duro Dakovic monument)1.jpg

Name: Monument to Đuro Đaković

Year: completed 1973, w/ Dragan Kiridžić

Yugoslav Works without profile pages:

Kikinda, SRB

Name: 'Blossom' at Terra Museum & Studio

Year: completed 1980s

Location: N45°48'49.7", E20°27'41.1"

Bački Petrovac, SRB

Name: Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: completed 1981

Location: N45°21'34.8", E19°35'31.8"

Labin, HR
Dubrova Sculpture park, Labin, HR.jpg

Name: "In the Windmill" at Dubrova Sculpt. Park

Year: completed 1985

Location: N45°06'50.1", E14°06'47.6"

International Works without profile pages:

Prima Porta, Italy

Name: Memorial to Fallen Yugoslav Fighters

Year: completed 1978, w/ Savo Subotin

Location: N42°01'08.5", E12°29'20.2"

Unrealized Memorial Projects

This section contains a listing of design proposals for various memorial projects that were submitted to competitions for consideration, but were ultimately NOT the final proposals chosen by the selection juries for the memorial projects they were submitted for. Below each photo is detailed the monument project it was submitted for, as well as the year it was submitted in.

Belgrade, SRB
Jajinci 1980.jpg

Name: concept for Jajinci Memorial Park

Year: proposed 1980

Zavidovići, BiH
Zavidovici, 1979.jpg

Name: concept for Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: proposed 1978

Bezdan, SRB
Batina concept.jpg

Name: concept for Battle of Batina Monument

Year: proposed 1974

Vranje, SRB

Name: concept for Monument to the Revolution

Year: proposed 1977

Nikšić, ME

Name: concept for House of the Revolution

Year: proposed 1980

Bečej, SRB

Name: concept for Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: proposed 1979

Novi Sad, SRB
Novi Sad.jpg

Name: concept for NOB Memorial Cemetery

Year: proposed 1983

Jablanica, BiH

Name: concept for Neretva Fallen Fighters Mon.

Year: proposed 1980

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