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Miodrag Živković

(MEE-oh-drag ZHIV-koh-vich)

(Миодраг Живковић)

Birthplace: Leskovac (near Lazarevac), Kingdom of Yugoslavia (today Serbia)

Heritage: Serbian

Date born: 1928

Date deceased: July 31st, 2020

Education: Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade (graduated 1952)


Among the most significant Serbian artists of the 20th century, Miodrag Živković distinguished himself during his roughly six decades of artistic achievement as a supreme innovator. Born and raised in the small southern Serbian town of Leskovac, at the age of 16, Živković and his family moved to Belgrade directly after the liberation of Serbia from Axis forces. Having been inspired by art at a young age, Živković enrolled at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1946 to study sculpture after graduating from high school. Upon graduating in 1952, he entered compulsory military service, then, after complete this obligation, he began his tenure of teaching sculpture at several different schools across Serbia, all the while working on refining his personal sculptural style. Through the 1960s and 1970s, Živković received a number of prominent commissions from across Yugoslavia to design memorial sculptures to commemorate victims and events of the National Liberation War. These monuments are among his most famous and recognized works. His sculptural style in many of these monuments, and much of his other work is characterized by sharp geometric abstract forms that act as an elegant foil to the stunning beauty on which they are situated, appearing to almost burst forth or arise from within the landscape itself. In addition, these geometric shapes often hide mysterious peering gazes of stylized faces hidden within the angular abstractions. It is a distinctive and powerful style that lends itself to contemplation and reflection.


In addition to creating public sculptural pieces across the Yugoslav region, Živković has been commissioned to create works abroad. In the early 1970s, Živković spent several years in Chile where he organized the installation of several monuments he was commissioned to create. Then, in subsequent years, he also ventured to countries such as Italy, Nigeria, Egypt to install public sculptural works. In 2004, he was honorably awarded the 'Golden Ring' prize for a lifetime of contributions to art and culture in Serbia. During the 2000s, Živković continued to work on creating sculptures at his studio in Belgrade, as well as taking commissions for religious sculptures and new memorial sculptural projects in Serbia and in the Republic of Srpska for the events of the 1990s wars. Živković passed away in Belgrade at the age of 93 on July 31st, 2020.

Works by this Designer:

This is a listing of a number of memorials, monuments, cultural centers and other notable Yugoslav-era civic works by Miodrag Živković. Those sites listed in the upper part of this section have profile pages, while those listed in the lower part do not yet have completed profile pages. This list also includes non-Yugoslav international projects that Živković created, as well his unrealized works for which models only exist. This list is not exhaustive and will be added to over time.

Yugoslav Works with profile pages:

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Kadinjača, SRB

Name: Monument to the Battle of Kadinjača

Year: addition completed in 1979

Kragujevac, SRB

Name: Interrupted Flight at Šumarice Park

Year: completed 1963, w/ Đorđe Zloković

Priština, RKS

Name: Monument to Brotherhood & Unity

Year: completed in 1961

Grahovo, ME


Name: Monument to Sava Kovačević

Year: completed 1978

Name: Monument to the Battle of Sutjeska

Year: completed in 1971, w/ Đorđe Zloković

Vodna, SRB


Name: Resava Mine Disaster Monument

Year: completed in 1985

Ostra, SRB

Name: Monument to Courage

Year: completed 1969, w/ Đorđe Zloković, et. al

Name: Monument to Freedom

Year: completed in 1985, w/ Đorđe Zloković

Yugoslav Works without profile pages:

New Belgrade, SRB

New Belgrade, Pilots memorial.jpg

Name: Monument to WWII Pilots of Belgrade

Year: completed in 1994

Location: N44°49'43.8", E20°25'18.2"

Raška, SRB

Raska, Serbia1.jpg

Name: Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: completed in early 1953

Location: N43°17'13.8", E20°36'49.4"

Pirot, SRB

Name: Sculpture at Prvi Maj factory

Year: completed in 1978

Location: N43°09'58.3", E22°34'59.3"

Prvi Maj6.jpg

Surludica, SRB


Name: Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: completed in late 1953

Location: N42°41'29.2", E22°10'37.4"

Kosovo Polje, RKS
Kosovo Polje [Dominik Drexler]-3.jpg

Name: Monument to Fallen Fighters [?]

Year: completed 1987

Location: N42°38'07.2", E21°04'56.3"

Valjevo, SRB


Name: Monument to Milovan Glišić

Year: completed 1968, w/ Puteš Ajdin

Location: N44°15'48.6", E19°53'36.5"

Belgrade, SRB

Name: Sculpture at Sports Center May 25th

Year: completed in 1975

Location: N44°49'50.6", E20°27'16.7"


Božurnja, SRB

Bozurnja, Serbia, Zivkovic, 106-2.jpg

Name: Krajputaš Monument

Year: completed in 1960

Location: N44°14'02.2", E20°42'44.1"

Lazarevac, SRB

Name: Sculptural relief on Cultural Center

Year: completed 1977, w/ Mihajlo Mitrović

Location: N44°22'53.7", E20°15'43.9"

Loznica, SRB

Name: Monument to Vuk Karadžić

Year: completed 1964, w/ Puteš Ajdin

Location: N44°31'58.8", E19°13'20.2"

Vrnjačka Banja, SRB
Vrnjacka Banja - Jezero4.jpg

Name: Fountain & relief at 'Izvor Jezero'

Year: completed 1989, w/ Mihajlo Mitrović

Location: N43°36'50.5", E20°53'26.4"

Valjevo, SRB
Valjevo Spanac1.jpg

Name: Monument to Žikica Jovanović Španac

Year: completed 1987

Location: N44°16'08.9", E19°53'12.3"

Belgrade, SRB

Sculpture at May 25th Museum, Belgrade-2

Name: Sculpture at Vila MIR in Dedinje

Year: completed in 1978

Location: N44°47'17.1", E20°27'04.0"

International Works without profile pages:

Gonars, Italy

Gonars Ital.jpg

Name: Gonars Concentraion Camp Mon.

Year: completed in 1973

Location: N45°54'03.5", E13°13'55.9"

Libreville, Gabon


Name: "African Sun" Relief at Convent. Center

Year: completed in 1977, demolished 2014

Location: ???

Punta Arenas, Chile

Punta Arenas3.jpg

Name: Monument to Yugoslav Immigrants

Year: completed 1970, w/ Đorđe Zloković

Location: S53°08'45.3", W70°53'35.8"

Vienna, Austria


Name: Monument to Yugoslav Victims

Year: completed  1984

Location: N48°08'39.9", E16°26'13.1"

Puntas Arenas, Chile
Protest monument2.jpg

Name: The Protest Monument

Year: completed 1970, w/ Ladislav Fekete

Location: S53°08'53.4", W70°53'42.3"

Unrealized Memorial Projects:

This section contains a listing of design proposals for various memorial projects that were submitted to competitions for consideration, but were ultimately NOT the final proposals chosen by the selection juries for the memorial projects they were submitted for. Below each photo is detailed the monument project it was submitted for, as well as the year it was submitted in.

Ljubljana, SLO

Ljubljana Revolution.jpg

Name: concept for Mon. to the Revolution

Year: prop. 1962, w/ S. Dragović & V. Fekete

Bezdan, SRB

Name: concept for Batina Spomen-Dom

Year: proposed in 1976, w/ Aleks. Đokić

Batina concept with Dokic, 1974.jpg

Kamenska, HR


Name: concept for Slavonia Victory Mon.

Year: proposed 1962

Zadar, HR

Zadar concept.jpg

Name: concept for Monument to Tito

Year: proposed 1982

Belgrade, SRB

Jajinci concept.jpg

Name: concept for Jajinci Memorial park

Year: proposed 1980

Belgrade, SRB

Marks & Engles-1.jpg

Name: concept for Marx & Engles Monument

Year: proposed 1956, 2nd runner-up

Sremski Front, SRB

Name: concept for Sremski Front Memorial

Year: proposed in 1975, w/ Aleks. Đokić

Sremski Front-1.jpg
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