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This section of the Spomenik Database Digital Library contains a collection of vintage photobooks which display large vivid period photos of the WWII monuments of the former Yugoslavia, as well as significant information about the creators of the monuments and their history.

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Revolucionarno Kiparstvo (Juraj Baldani) [1977]

This book, whose title roughly translates into English as "Revolutionary Sculpture", explores in great detail the many dozens of artists, artisans, designers and architects who were responsible for the creation of many of the WWII (NOB) monuments constructed during the Yugoslav era. The book, which is written in the Serbo-Croatian language, includes small biographies on each of the creators, as well as a brief introductory history about the story of memorial sculpture in Yugoslavia. In addition to this series of biographies, the book exhibits a significant number of excellent historic photographs of a select number of monuments (which are in vivid color as well as normal black & white). The book includes examples of figurative as well as abstract monuments. [🔽Download: 193 pages, 1.06 GB PDF file, download courtesy of AfterArt]

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Jugoslavija: Spomenici Revoluciji (Miloš Bajić) [1968]

This book, whose title roughly translates into English as "Yugoslavia: Monuments to the Revolution", is a black & white photo book, written in Serbo-Croatian, which contains hundreds of images of the WWII (NOB) monuments made during the Yugoslav era. In addition, it contains small biographies of a select number of the monument's creators, as well as small descriptive paragraphs briefly explaining the general locations and histories behind each of the monuments depicted in the book. While this book contains many of the same photos found in the 1977 'Revolutionary Sculpture' book, is has a significant number of additional monuments as well as alternative angles. [🔽Download: 159 pages, 576Mb PDF file, download courtesy of AfterArt]