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Stojan Batič

(STOH-yahn BAH-tich)

Birthplace: Trbovlje, Slovenia

Heritage: Slovene

Date born: June 2nd, 1925

Date deceased: September 17, 2015

Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana


Stojan Batič was born into a life of coal mining in the mountains of Slovenia, which he began at 17 years old. At 19, he joined the Partisan war effort against the Nazi occupiers of Slovenia. During the war, he worked with the Cultural Group Kozjansko division and also as a war correspondent. After the war, he wanted to put the horror of war behind him, so he enrolled in the newly created Academy of Fine Arts, a part of the University of Ljubljana, in order to study sculpture; in fact, Batič was the very first student to enroll in the school's new department after the war. At university, he studied under famed Slovenian sculptors Boris Kalin and Francis Smerdu, while also traveling to Paris to study under Ossip Zadkine, being the first Slovenian sculptor to do so. He rose quickly and prominently as sculptor during the Yugoslavia era, creating roughly 40 pieces of public sculpture and memorial works over his roughly 40 year career. Interestingly, the vast majority of this work was all created within Slovenian region, with few (if any) of his total works being completed outside of this area. Among the most notable and admired public works Batič created during his career were the Cankar Battalion spomenik complex in Dražgoše, Slovenia, as well as the Monument to Slovene Peasant Uprisings at Ljubljana Castle.


Much of the work of Batič centers around his use of Slovenian myths and legends, where he draws inspiration from poetic nature of the ancient world. In addition, the style he employs in his work are figurative human forms with minimized features, usually subdued to abstract and angular geometric shapes -- a style that very much became his trademark. However, as can be seen in the gallery below, Batič shifted through his career between creating figurative sculptures in a highly realistic fashion and highly reduced/modernist figurative works. Batič was honored with the prestigious Slovenian Prešeren Award in 1960 for his lifetime of contributions to Slovenian arts and culture. Through the decades, even up until the 2010s, he continued to produce new sculptural works. Batič passed away in September of 2015 in Ljubljana at the age of 90, just a few months after the passing of his wife Milena.

If you wish to visit Stojan Batič's historic sculpture studio which has now been turned into a public museum, it is located at the Švicarija Creative Center at Ljubljana's Tivoli Park, with its coordinates being N46°03'19.0", E14°29'31.3".

Works by this Designer:

This is a listing of a number of memorials, monuments, cultural centers and other notable Yugoslav-era civic works by Ana Bešlić. Those sites listed in the upper part of this section have profile pages, while those listed in the lower part do not yet have completed profile pages. This list also includes non-Yugoslav projects that Bešlić created, as well as her unrealized works for which models only exist for. This list is not exhaustive and will be added to over time.

Yugoslav Works with profile pages:

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Dražgoše, SLO

Name: Mon. to the Cankar Battalion

Year: completed 1976, w/ B. Kobe & I. Šubic


Maribor, SLO

Name: Monument to Boris Kidrič

Year: completed 1963

Yugoslav Works without profile pages:

Rob, SLO

Rob, SLO.jpg

Name: Monument to the Partisan Victory

Year: completed 1982, w/ Vlasto Kopač

Location: N45°50'54.3", E14°34'17.2"


Trbovlje, SLO

Name: Monument titled "The Miner"

Year: completed 1956

Location: N46°09'00.1", E15°02'37.6"

Ljubljana peasant rebellion2.jpg

Ljubljana, SLO

Name: Monument to Slovene Peasant Revolts

Year: completed 1973

Location: N46°02'51.9", E14°30'33.0"

Gornje Laze, SLO2.jpg

Gornje Laze, SLO

Name: Mon. to the 1st Bela Krajina Company

Year: completed 1981, w/ Vlasto Kopač

Location: N45°41'33.7", E15°08'55.0"

Trbovlje, Slovenia.JPG

Trbovlje, SLO

Name: Monument to Proletariat Miners

Year: completed 1952

Location: N46°08'50.1", E15°02'31.6"


Ljubljana, SLO

Name: 'The Ballet' at Tivoli Park

Year: completed 1957

Location: N46°03'16.1", E14°29'38.0"

Kozje, SLO2.jpg

Kozje, SLO

Name: Mon. to People's Liberation Struggle

Year: completed 1963, w/ Dušan Samec

Location: N46°04'16.9", E15°33'21.7"


Medvode, SLO

Name: Mon. to Fallen Fighters in the Gravel Pit

Year: completed 1951

Location: N46°08'39.3", E14°24'36.5"


Migojnice, SLO

Name: Monument to Victims of the NOB

Year: completed 1954

Location: N46°13'49.5", E15°09'29.8"

Prevalje, SLO.jpg

Prevalje, SLO

Name: Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: completed 1971

Location: N46°32'44.6", E14°54'56.9"


Črnučah, SLO

Name: Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: completed 1949

Location: N46°06'10.0", E14°31'51.9"


Brežice, SLO

Name: Monument to Revolt & Revolution

Year: completed 1972, w/ Franc Filipčič

Location: N45°54'15.5", E15°35'41.0"


Velenje, SLO

Name: Monument to Edvard Kardelj

Year: completed 1982

Location: N46°21'37.7", E15°07'13.9"


Ribcev Laz, SLO

Name: Mon. to First Ascent of Mt. Triglav

Year: completed 1978

Location: N46°16'39.4", E13°53'16.3"


Tržič, SLO

Name: NOB Monument & Pavilion

Year: completed 1969

Location: N46°21'40.9", E14°18'25.5"


Poljana, SLO

Name: Freedom & Peace Monument

Year: completed 1985

Location: N46°32'43.5", E14°52'09.5"

Zagorje, SLO.jpg

Zagorje, SLO

Name: Monument to the Revolution

Year: completed 1965, w/ Oton Gaspari

Location: N46°08'02.7", E14°59'42.3"


Trbovlje, SLO

Name: Monument to the Fight with ORJUNA

Year: completed 1974

Location: N46°09'02.0", E15°02'36.5"

Slovene Worker, Ljubljana.jpg

Ljubljana, SLO

Name: Monument to the Slovene Worker

Year: completed 1975

Location: N46°02'58.9", E14°30'07.0"


Logatec, SLO

Name: Monument to Fallen Fighters

Year: completed 1958, w/ Anton Bitenc

Location: N45°55'10.0", E14°13'43.9"

Velenje, SLO.jpg

Velenje, SLO

Name: The 'Onemele puške' Monument

Year: completed 1971, w/ Vladimir Mušič

Location: N46°21'33.5", E15°06'56.5"


Hrastnik, SLO

Name: Memorial "Shift Change in the Mine"

Year: completed

Location: N46°08'47.3", E15°05'05.0"


Šentjanž, SLO

Name: Mon. to Milan Majcen & Janči Mevželj

Year: completed 1971

Location: N46°00'40.1", E15°10'09.1"


Radohova Vas, SLO

Name: Mon. to Fallen Fighters & Victims

Year: completed 1947

Location: N45°56'51.5", E14°51'43.6"

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