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Vojin Stojić

(VOH-yeen STOH-yeech)

Birthplace: Vranje, Serbia

Heritage: Serbian

Year born: June 26th, 1921

Year deceased: May 5th, 2001

Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade (graduated 1953)

(Војин Стојић)


Born in Vranje, Serbia in 1921, Vojin Stojić is considered one of the more interesting and distinctive sculptors who experimented with the new freedoms of artistic style granted after the Yugoslavia's disenchantment with the style of socialist realism. He began his artistic academic career at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, from which he graduated in 1953. After graduating, he immediately began to show his work at exhibitions across Serbia from Belgrade to Novi Sad where he aggressively attempted to build a name and reputation for himself. Stojić's work focused on various styles of abstraction and altered realism, where he worked towards creating forms and shapes that were based in narratives, but also free of any informational constraints from an external reality. Stojić was granted in 1962 an assistant-professorship in wood & metal sculpture at Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts, at which point he took an extended study trip to England to work under several artists there. In the late 1960s, he was offered a commission to create a National Liberation War memorial complex at the summit of Kosmaj mountain, just south of Belgrade. There he designed his most well known work, a 40m tall set of five fin monoliths which created a massive star shape. In the early 80s, he finally ascended to a full professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts, however, he retired several years later in 1986. While considered an extremely significant and influential sculptor of his time, he was more restrained in his creative output compared to many of his contemporaries, only creating a modest number of works. Stojić passed away in Belgrade in 2001. A few years after his passing in 2007, art writer and historian Jovan Despotović made the following quote in relation to Stojić's career:

"If is absolutely evident that [Stojić's] works, directly or indirectly, opened some paths in sculpture, so precious to future generations, by simplifying their progress to the presently achieved goals: complete autonomy of sculptural statement and such individual idiomatic complexity that was able to attain the climatic points of this century only in periods of boundless liberty of expression."

Works by this Designer:

This is a listing of a number of memorials, monuments, cultural centers and other notable Yugoslav-era civic works by Vojin Stojić. Those sites listed in the upper part of this section have profile pages, while those listed in the lower part do not yet have completed profile pages. This list is not exhaustive and will be added to over time.

Works with profile pages:

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Kosmaj, SRB

Name: Monument to the Kosmaj Detachment

Year: completed 1971

Jajinci, SRB

Name: Jajinci Memorial Park

Year: completed 1988

Niš, SRB

Park of the Heroes4.jpg

Name: The Spark of Freedom

Year: completed 1985

Yugoslav Works without profile pages:

Paraćin, SRB

Paracin (glass factory).jpg

Name: Monument to Glass Factory Fighters

Year: completed 1966, with Nikola Janković

Location: N43°51'55.8", E21°25'12.8"

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