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Vuko Bombardelli

(VU-ko bom-bar-DELL-ee)

Birthplace: Split, Croatia

Heritage: Croatian/Dalmatian

Date born: September 22nd, 1917

Date deceased: October 8th, 1996

Education: University of Belgrade (graduated 1940)


Vuko Bombardelli was a Croatian architect who is one of the most renowned and honored designers from the Dalmatian region who created some of the most notable and earliest modernist styled structures in his hometown of Split. His work is remembered for its emphasis on functionalism and constructivism. He founded the design firm 'Arhitekt' in Split in 1953, during which point he created several commercial and civic projects around the city of Split, such as the Gusar Rowing Club, the Gaje Promenade and Dalma Department Store. In the late 1950s, Bombardelli worked on the planning stages of a much anticipated Hajduk stadium project in Split, but the entire project was subsequently shelved by the city (yet, the project was later ressurrected in the late 1970s as Stadion Poljud). Most notably, between 1959 and 1962 Bombadelli worked to create the Pomgrad Tower, which was the first skycrapper in the city of Split and is cited as being the starting point of the 'modernist architecture' movement in Split. This tower was also unique in how it was the first housing complex in Split to explore the topic of 'modern living', where the concept of 'functional' and 'streamlined' housing units is explored as a solution to help tackle Split's overcrowding issue of the 1950s and 60s (but could be done so at 1/3 the price of the typical apartment of the time).

Meanwhile, in the 1950s and 60s, Bombardelli received several commissions to design memorial works across the Dalmatian region to honor Partisan efforts during the National Liberation War (WWII). In the early 1950s, the monument projects that Bombardelli worked on were of a more traditional style, such as the "Monument to Fallen Port and Coastal Workers" in Split that he worked on with sculptor Željko Radmilović. However, through the 1960s Bombardelli became more adventurous with his design approaches. As a result, additional memorial works he created in Split, as well as at the close by towns of Sinj and Košute, were among some of the first in Yugoslavia to "radically subvert the traditional monumental morphology" of memorial sculpture, as one source relates. After the dismantling of Yugoslavia during the 1990s, some of these works experienced varying levels of neglect and destruction, for which he expressed great frustration and dismay. Bombardelli passed away after a long illness in Split during October of 1996.

Works by this Designer:

This is a listing of a number of memorials, monuments, cultural centers and other notable Yugoslav-era civic works by Vuko Bomardelli. Those sites listed in the upper part of this section have profile pages, while those listed in the lower part do not yet have completed profile pages. This list is not exhaustive and will be added to over time.

Yugoslav Works with profile pages:

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Košute, HR

Name: Mon. to the 1st Split Partisan Unit

Year: completed 1961

Sinj, HR

Name: Ossuary for Executed Split Partisans

Year: completed 1962

Split, HR


Name: Pomgrad Tower (Split's first skycrapper)

Year: completed 1962

Split, HR

Split - Harbor workers, Croatia.jpg

Name: Mon. to the 1st Split Partisan Unit

Year: completed 1956, w/ Željko Radmilović

Split, HR

Split prisoners1.jpg

Name: Monument to Political Prisoners

Year: completed 1976, w/ Željko Radmilović

Yugoslav Works without profile pages:

Split, HR

Split, Dalma.jpg

Name: Dalma Shopping Center

Year: completed 1975

Location: N43°30'49.5", E16°26'20.8"

Split, HR


Name: The E-57 Apartment Buildings

Year: completed 1959

Location: N43°30'46.1", E16°25'44.8"

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