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1986 Yugoslavia WWII Monuments Tourist Map

Interactive Map - use +/- or mouse wheel to zoom

The above navigable image is a 1986 Yugoslav map of the memorials (spomeniks) to the National Liberation War (WWII). It was graciously provided to me courtesy of Jan Kempanaers. While this map does not provide the location of ALL spomeniks, as many were built after this date, and not every single one is included, it does give a good idea of the vast amount of spomeniks spread across Yugoslavia. It is not clear how many of these still exist or have been destroyed or forgotten over the years. The legend for this map, in the lower-left hand corner of the image, is translated here (with clickable links):

Interactive Map - use fingers to zoom

In the upper right-hand corner of the map there is a text-box describing the details of the map's creation and who its designers were. It is roughly translated here:

Yugoslavian Revolution


Tourist Auto-Map

Ratio - 1:2,500,000


Gojko Jokic


Mr. Mile Dakic

Illustrations and cover art

Mr. Dimitrije Cudov

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